Thursday, February 26, 2009

Software odds and ends

Decided to upload some old, but not entirely useless, old programs I've written. You can find them at the odds and ends page. They are not really usable pieces of software, but might serve as a starting point or inspiration for someone. Currently, I have three programs up:
  1. Animtext: A text animation creation tool. I wrote this back in high school (or the Finnish equivalent) to generate the end credits sequence for a student film project. Perfect for cheesy amateur hacker films!
  2. powermate qt test: A Qt4 based test program for the Griffin Powermate. Accesses the powermate via Linux event interface. (powermate driver is in the official kernel tree)
  3. tablet qt test: A Qt4 test program for (wacom) tablets. Useful for checking if Qt (or X) tablet support is configured properly.