Sunday, September 14, 2008

Continuing work on DrawPile

After a year's hiatus, I decided to start working on DrawPile again.
First thing I did, was rewrite the old server. The new server is QT based (no more other external dependencies) and built as a shared library that can be embedded inside the client and in a tiny standalone shell.
The protocol also underwent a revamp. The new protocol is much more simpler, but also lacks some of the features the old one had (multiple sessions on one server.) The reason I decided to drop these features was that they weren't being used in the client and were and unnecessary complication.
One nice feature the new server has, is the ability to buffer raster data and drawing commands. The server can then efficiently handle new clients with minimal disturbance to other users, and is more robust to boot.

The latest SVN trunk has the new server and a couple of fixes that should make DrawPile much more stable. The drawing code is still slightly broken though. Next up, a new drawing engine, then the 0.5.0 release!


  1. Glad to hear this project is not dead!
    I can't get a fucking decent image editor to work in linux....
    gimp has a fucked up interface and just closes/crashes when i try to open source or save.... krita 1.6 and v2 beta3 does similar stuff.... WTF?!
    I'm doomed. Artwork ftw atm.... heh... looking forward to using drawpile or even blender for 2d stuff soon xD
    P.S.: yes i'm fucking fustrated. Damn right i am!

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