Sunday, November 27, 2011


I'm on roll. Just pushed my latest project, KQueryBrowser, to github. KQB is a database query tool for KDE that uses qt-webkit to format the query results nicely. And yes, I know the name is highly unoriginal and follows that annoying K<something> pattern, but at least it's descriptive.

The motivation for this yet another query tool was simply that I did not like any of the other query tools. The command like clients are nice, but awkward when browsing through very large tables. MySQL query browser was great, but was replaced by MySQL Workbench, which is way too cumbersome when I just want to run some SELECTs. Pgadmin suffers from the same problem. And most of the graphical tools use GTK, which makes them look ugly or (in the case of MySQL workbench) simply broken on KDE.

So here's KQB. Looks pretty on KDE, works with multiple databases and lets you get straight to writing queries.

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